Broken Springs

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Renton Garage Door Broken Spring

Pinched fingers are the worst, and unfortunately the most likely thing to happen if you set about setting right a broken spring in your garage door. Let that be now taken care of by Renton Garage Door Repair. In addition, factually, the name of Renton Garage Door Repair is equal to spring repair. Our service will have you back in your garage in an unexpectedly short time. We specialize in setting right broken springs and therefore, Renton Garage Door Repair is equivalent to maintained and secure garage doors.

It is not only the minor spring repair job done by Renton Garage Door Repair but also refabricating your garage. Also, please note that tiny broken springs can lead to major faults later like bowed or broken rollers and misaligned tracks. Therefore getting your broken spring fixed or replaced by experts is very important, and we are your experts.

Torsion Springs

Torsion Springs Renton

It is not uncommon for builders to use cheap materials while constructing garage doors. And this may be done with torsion springs too which are in fact the most essential part of your garage door as they take the whole weight of the door on themselves. Thus, all torsion springs have a limited life and will definitely break in about three years.

Consequently you must know that once you start hearing loud noises when the garage door is shutting or opening, or it halts on its way up or down, or the spring looks separated, it is time to replace your spring. Even if it is just one torsion spring that’s broke, you must replace both because the other is likely to break soon. This is when you must call Renton Garage Doors Repair who can fix your torsion spring before it starts putting pressure on your door opener, causing the latter to break too. However, please do keep in mind that replacing torsion spring is a very dangerous job and must be done by people qualified to do so only.

Extension Spring

Extension Spring

Longer and more durable than torsion springs, they are mostly utilized in smaller garage doors but will cause the same problems as a torsion spring. Snap! That’s when you know you need to replace your extension spring. And like in the case of torsion spring, replacing both the extension spring at the same time is a must so that both your garage doors open and shut together. Call Renton Garage Door Repair quickly to set it right.

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