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    residential, industrial and agricultural venues. Select from the widest variety of styles, models, hues, accessories and designs.
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    When you are bound to spend money for an indispensable and almost permanent feature of your property,
    why hesitate to call the best in the business in your area? Renton Garage Doors not only opens their wide
    choices for you to choose from, but also facilitates you to design your door! Just put together the hardware,
    pattern, style, dimension, colors and design, and voila! Your door is ready.
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    Renton Garage Doors can and will repair your damaged garage door in no time, howsoever more or less damaged they are.
Garage Door Service in Renton: (425) 209-0685

Garage Door Service Renton

New Door Installation

The garage door of your dream will come to life once you come to our store and select from our material and patterns.

New Garage Door Renton

New Opener Installation

Renton Garage Doors will not only fit the latest door for you, it will fix it with a modern opener too. Whatever opener you need or want – chain driven, belt driven, shaft driven, remote controlled or wireless access – we have it for you.

Garage Door Repair Renton

Garage Door Repair Renton

Our garage door repair service is the most reliable in Renton area. Problem with door, rails, remote or opener? We are your men.

Renton Garage Doors

Expertise, efficiency and affordability are our synonyms as regards garage door services in the Renton area. You are visited only by the most competent workers who shall eagerly and proficiently repair, service, or install your garage door. Explore our site for your ideal garage door. We cherish your privacy and security as much as you do and hence, Renton garage doors brings to you only the latest and best of programmed garage doors and opener systems fitted by professionals.

Repairing, changing or replacing springs, remotes, cables door styles and rail systems is the specialty of Renton Garage Doors.

Renton Garage Doors provides 100% complete service from conference and appraisal to fabricating and servicing your garage doors, while ensuring we comply with those challenging requirements too. We do everything possible for our customer’s pleasure.

Contact Renton Garage Doors and satisfy your property needs within your financial limit since we offer the widest assortment of provisions, so there is something for everyone.

Not only this. We do not forget you after coming over once. All our services come with 100& warranty so any problem post our visit is dealt with free of charge.

We not only offer the best but work with the best too and our manufacturers are leading names in their businesses. We deal in wooden doors for those in love with traditional style, but we also have steel and aluminum doors for those of you who prefer lightweight and resistance.

Furthermore, we give you thermal resistant and insulated doors that are in accordance within the minimum insulation standards recommended for most homes. Allow our professionals to inspect your desired venue and provide you with a thorough feedback. Deal with us today to save spending unwarranted money tomorrow.

Garage Door Service in Renton

Who we are

Renton Garage Doors technicians are informed of their field thereby getting every job done within the stipulated time. So there is no need now to wait and get adjusted to the new door or fine tune your opener. Just start using your new garage as if it always existed in your life as it is.


Newest materials is what we work with, be it chic wooden doors or resilient steel doors or light aluminum and fiber doors.


Believe in us to fit your doors with insulation materials guaranteeing maximum thermal repression in your garage.


Chain, belt or shat driven – all our openers are sturdy and can life even the heaviest of garage doors. And do not worry in case of power shortage. We can install power supplies as well.

Affordable Service

Fix what is needed by you and pay only for that. There is no unnecessary charge with us.

Reliable Services

As the adage goes, time is money, and we value yours. We are punctual and known for it.

Professional Services

Our professionals are thoroughlyeligible for the work.

Clients Testimonials

  • Robert Glaeser

    Excellent and inexpensive are the only words to describe the work done by Renton Garage Doors. My family and I are so pleased!

  • Myrem Dempsey

    My garage door was installed before I even knew it! Renton Garage Doors are superfast in their service.

  • Dexter Armstrong

    Thanks to Renton Garage Doors I need not replace my old garage door. The guys fixed it in a fraction of second. I admire their reliability and professionalism.

Our Basic Services

Renton Garage Doors maintains the peak of proficiency and work ethics, and is a complete package for all your services related to garage doors. Broadly our domains are:

Garage Door Repair Renton

Renton Garage Door Installation

Let your garage door be of any size or type. We can install it for you while also connecting openers and providing remotes and photocells.

Door Installation

Garage Door Repair Service

Garage door is an almost permanent part of your property once installed. Don’t let it fade away with passage of time. Call upon us to help you maintain your door in prime condition, always.

Renton, WA Renton Garage Door

Garage Door Repair Renton

From openers and springs to track doors, we repair everything with the help of our up-to-date tools. We also provide replacement parts in case you need them.

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